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    Transform Your Garage Into A Liveable Space With Inland Structures.

    Are you looking to maximize the potential of your garage and add value to your home? The garage is often an underutilized space in homes, serving as a mere storage area for unused items or a parking spot for your car. However, with the right remodeling approach, your garage can be a versatile space that adds value and functionality to your home. At Inland Structures, we are reputable Spokane garage builders. We specialize in full-service garage remodeling, garage conversions, and renovations.

    With our help, you can turn your garage into a multi-purpose space that enhances your lifestyle and meets your specific requirements. As a premier home remodeling company, we are dedicated to transforming your garage into a functional, stylish, and personalized space that suits your needs. Our expertise and commitment to excellence will help you unlock the full potential of your garage. Call us today at (509) 712-2921 for a free quote and estimate

    Convert your garage into a living space

    If you require additional living space, consider converting your garage into a comfortable and functional living area. This can be a guest suite, a playroom for your children, or even a home gym. With Inland Structures, we can help you design a layout that meets your specific needs and preferences.

    Whatever you envision, our garage builders Spokane can create and construct the space to your exact specifications. We have extensive experience in building functional yet aesthetic living spaces that provide a seamless transition from garage to home.

    Transform your garage into a work from home office or workshop

    Working from home has become increasingly common, and having a dedicated space for your work is essential. Remodeling your garage into a home office provides a quiet and productive environment away from the distractions of the main living areas. Similarly, if you are a hobbyist or an artist, converting the garage into a workshop can provide you with a well-equipped space to pursue your passions. Call us today at

    (509) 712-2921 for quality garage remodeling in Spokane, WA.


    Design your garage into functional storage

    Garages are notorious for accumulating clutter and becoming disorganized. With a garage remodel, you can design a custom storage area that meets your specific needs. Whether it's shelving, cabinets, or overhead storage systems, we can help you create an organized and efficient storage solution for your belongings.



    Utilize efficient garage conversions in Spokane, WA

    Garage conversions offer endless possibilities for transforming your garage into a functional space that aligns with your lifestyle. For those who wish to use their garage as a space for parking cars or recreation and hobbies, a conversion is an efficient way to maximize the area and make use of it. We can help you design and build a custom garage that meets your requirements. Our team specializes in providing quality garage conversions in Spokane, WA.


    A local garage builder in Spokane, WA

    At Inland Structures, we envision, design, and construct quality garage remodels that align with your lifestyle. Our team of experienced Spokane garage builders has the knowledge and expertise to help you create a functional and stylish space that meets your needs. Call us today at (509) 712-2921 for a free quote or estimate on your upcoming garage remodeling project.